Just leaving this here…

Daniel Craig, 007 cross dresses to support equality (by RTAmerica)


Holy fuck. I was going to make a quip about how much he looks like J.K. Rowling, but then the tears at the end happened, and my heart made a very uncomfortable kinda sideways lurch in my chest…

OH MY GODDDDD. I already love Dame Judi Dench but this solidifies Daniel Craig as a fantastic human being in my mind (I already liked him for arguing with the writers of Casino Royale that Vesper should be clothed when in her fetal position in the shower after seeing her first violent death, rather than in some state of “sexy” undress.)

1. This video is wonderful.

2. I didn’t know that about Daniel and that shower scene! That information made me happier than this video, quite honestly. Keep being wonderful, Daniel Craig.

Okay yes it has Daniel Craig crossdressing, but there’s also a really important message in this. Looooove

Oh how I love him.

#But why doesn’t he speak?#I think it’d be more powerful if he spoke#instead of just standing there#and looking broody

tbh I like that he doesn’t speak. The ad is about women, and narrated by a woman, and one of the most iconic male fictional characters dresses like a woman. There’s really nothing for him to talk about tbh. He’s kinda setting an example for other men? He’s listening, and he’s empathizing. One of the most macho fictional characters ever is listening to his female boss and it’s not funny or played for laughs, and it’s respectful.

/idk two cents

some really powerful stuff

I think he’s not talking to show how women generally don’t have a voice and now it’s their turn. It’s kind of like his showing support for women and allowing her to talk instead of him. Like it’s her time to shine and he’s there, sort of in the background, showing support of what she has to say. Kind of like the idea of a “trophy wife”

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